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Telemedicine reduced to $79.95 due to COVID-19 crisis

Most Medicare Patients: $0 out-of-pocket expense

Access quality, affordable medical care, from the comfort of your home in three easy steps






Don't take a chance with other telemedicine services always keeps patient information safe through encryption & is always HIPAA compliant

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Get quality care, anytime, anywhere.

For patients, telemedicine provides faster care and helps them avoid hospitals, where they risk either infecting others or coming into to contact with the disease.  Virtual care can also reduce the strain on the health care system and help track spread of disease across geographies.  With the world becoming increasingly accessible through the use of technology, it only makes sense that medicine would be too.  Whether you have a scratchy throat, some questionable swelling or think you may have come down with influenza, our doctors are here to help, without making you get out of bed.  Get care anytime, anywhere through telemedicine with powered by healow, and brought to you by CCMS ACO.


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

We closely follow state and national information released by the CDC, to remain up to date on health trends.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

We stay up to date on state directives from CMS.

With the current telemedicine care options available


Reason 1

The telemedicine service only cares about your health.  We are not in the retail space.

Reason 2

OCS has waived HIPAA rules for FaceTime, Skype and other video services.  However, this likely means your health information is not secure. With, your health information is always encrypted and secure.

Reason 3

Our telemedicine service connected directly to a medical records system, meaning diagnoses are added to your record in real time.

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