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Frequently Asked Questions

While the telemedicine process has been streamlined to be as user-friendly as possible, we know questions can still arise. 


Please check the list of questions below to find the answers you are looking for.


What if I don’t want to list my place of employment?

      A: You are not required to disclose the name of your workplace.                         Instead, you can simply write “unemployed”, to move past this field.


When can I expect the validation email?

      A: You can expect your validation email about 5-10 minutes after                      completing your pre-registration.

Patient Portal

Can I log into the patient portal without a username and password/does a guest option exist?

     A: Prior to receiving the username and password, you will be unable to             enter the patient portal to schedule an appointment.

Do I have to fill out the patient questionnaire?

     A: Yes; after you receive your appointment, please fill out the patient                 questionnaire, with as much detail as possible. Our clinicians need               this valuable information to create the best care plan as possible for             you.

I can’t access the portal on my phone’s browser.  How can I access my portal on a cel phone?

     A: In order to access the patient portal on a cellular phone, one must               download the healow application for iPhone or Android. 

Can I reorder medication on my cel phone?

     A: Yes; if you open your healow application, you can access your patient           portal, re-order medications, amongst other unique features.

Telemedicine Appointments

Do I have to visit to get to my visit?

    A: No; by accessing the link in the email you received about your visit,              you can join directly.

I left my browser open while waiting for the “Start TeleVisit” button to become live (turn orange).  The time has elapsed and it has not yet turned orange.  What do I do?

    A: If the “Start TeleVisit” button does not turn orange after the specified            time has elapsed, please refresh your page.

Can I change my appointment time?

    A: Yes; in your appointment notification email, there is a link that you can          click to change your appointment time.  You can also do this in your              patient portal.

We are happy to assist in your navigation through our service.

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