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How do I participate in a TeleMedicine Visit through


For the Best Patient Experience

For the best experience accessing our practice, please access by using the Google Chrome browser on a laptop, desktop, or tablet device. 

Please know that Windows-based tablets function better than iPads for telemedicine registration. The visits can be done with smart phones.

Once you are part of our practice and you receive your link via email or text, then the use of an Apple device will work just fine.

If you have a Mac desktop/laptop or Apple, you can download Google Chrome and use our website's and healow's functionalities to get registered.

Quick Steps

Below are several quick steps for first-time patients, and outlines the process of registering, scheduling and attending your visit.  Click on any step to view a more detailed explanation of the step with images of these steps.

For frequently asked questions, please click here.  

For videos on functions within healow, our telehealth platform, please click here.

For additional resources, please click here.

Detailed Instructions

1)  Pre-register by clicking this link and entering data requested. This is easy and         should only take a couple of minutes.

     Click here to start your Pre-Registration Process.

2)  Once you arrive at the screen pictured below, please wait for a call from our VIP       telemedicine team.  They will help you through the rest of the process. 

Quick Step 1
QS 2

PLEASE NOTE:  Do NOT click the "Home" button, or go to "Patient".


 3)  Wait for email; this email will acknowledge your registration.  Please check                your junk mailbox to ensure the message was not routed there, as it contains            information related to your registration that is needed to complete your                      activation.  If you have not received it after 15 minutes, please contact us at              844-526-5220.


     You will see this request, for a code to be sent to your phone.


Once you receive and enter the code, you will be prompted to change your password.


Please select a security question.  You are almost done with your registration!  We know this can seem tedious, but we do this for your security.

In the next window, please agree with our Practice Consent to Treat.


4)  Once you see the screen shown above, please exit go back to our's       home page. Choose the #2 “Schedule Visit” option (shown below) to begin your selection       process for your practitioner and time for the visit. You are now ready to schedule your           appointment.

Button 2.png

5)  Follow the prompts, entering the data requested to schedule your appointment. Choose       your provider, considering that different providers have different hours available.                   Should you need anything special, we will try our hardest to comply; please call our             offices at 844-526-5220.

Please note: You cannot schedule your appointment sooner than 1.5 hours from this time (these hours are found at the top of our homepage). 

Sent Request.png

6)  Await confirmation via email to ensure your visit has been finalized and booked.  At           this point, there is no additional action needed on your part.



7)  You will receive an email and a text half an hour before your visit.  If you can undergo       your appointment on a laptop that has a microphone and camera, this works best; but       a smart phone will work as well. If you find that the test does not work, please let us           know and we would be happy to make alternate arrangements, to ensure your visit             takes place smoothly. 



8)  Follow instructions in your email, and attend your visit.

If you lose connectivity with the doctor, a button will come up and ask you if you want to “wait”.  If you have not completed your visit, please click on "Wait while the doctor tries to reestablish the connection". If you lose connectivity and the doctor is still visible then use your email or text message link that was sent to you for that meeting, and launch again to reengage the doctor; they should still be there . If you have any problems, please reach out to us on our 844 number or email us at  


PLEASE REMEMBER: if you feel like you are having an emergency, call 911.

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